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Michael Jaber

Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Sheboygan, Wi

Michael Jaber is a nationally recognized Google Certified Trainer and Google Certified Innovator who has worked closely with the Google Education Team and presented at numerous conferences across the country, as a keynote, and as a featured presenter. Michael has a long history within education. He spent 18 years in the classroom as a social studies teacher, which eventually transitioned into a technology coaching role, and now leads the Sheboygan, Wisconsin Area School District as their Instructional Technology Coordinator. He has trained multiple school districts around the world on how to approach 1:1 initiatives, along with teaching how to fully harness the power of Google Apps and web resources in schools. Michael’s mission for 2024 is to focus on the topics of LEGO Education and AI. We have adopted LEGO Education this school year and have seen how it can enhance instruction and engagement. In regards to AI in Education, this is transformational and the use of AI as an instructional tool will not be going away. I really look forward to talking and working with you!



My goal is to provide educators, both in my district, and districts abroad, with the experiences that I have been a part of in order to ensure that staff and students are successful when getting ready for their 1:1 Initiatives. The technology needs to be "Invisible" from a technological troubleshooting standpoint and teachers need to be provided with the best PD opportunities available to them. Another goal is to provide teachers with technology infused lessons and instructional strategies in order to to engage their students and enrich the learning experience.



Michael Jaber

Nationally recognized Google Certified Trainer, Google Certified Innovator,  and Chromebook guru is here to assist you.  If you are looking for ways to infuse technology into instruction, please reach out to me and I will share all the different ways that we have transformed our district's vision through the use of technology. Everything from platforms, web resources, AR/VR, and the latest technology gadgets.

  • Google Workspace

  • Staff Professional Development 

  • Google tools

  • Chromebook Utilization

  • 1:1 Initiatives

  • 1:1 Classroom Management

  • Going Paperless

  • Developing a PLN

  • Incredible Tech Resources

  • PBL Strategies

  • Just a super nice guy to work with!

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